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National Bird Feeding Month: Seniors, Let’s Tweet Away!

National Bird Feeding Month

When: February

National Bird Feeding Month is a chirpy celebration that beckons seniors and their caregivers to embrace the joy of our feathered friends.

As the month unfolds, it’s time to fill the air with delightful bird songs, colorful sights, and the heartwarming act of feeding these winged wonders.

So, whether you’re a seasoned birdwatcher or just someone who enjoys the simple pleasures of nature, let’s spread our wings and celebrate!

History Of National Bird Feeding Month

Celebrated in February, National Bird Feeding Month was initiated by John Porter, a former Congressman from Illinois.

He introduced this observance in 1994 to support wild birds during the harsh winter months when finding food can be a challenge.

The month aims to raise awareness about the needs of wild birds and encourages everyone to play a part in their conservation by setting up bird feeders in their yards or gardens.

Importance Of National Bird Feeding Month For Seniors

For many seniors, birdwatching and feeding are therapeutic activities that offer a sense of purpose and connection to nature.

Observing birds can be a meditative experience, reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

Moreover, it’s an activity that can be enjoyed from the comfort of one’s home, making it accessible for those with mobility challenges.

Celebrating National Bird Feeding Month allows older adults to engage with nature, stimulate their senses, and share their birdwatching experiences with family and friends.

Tips On How Older Adults Can Celebrate National Bird Feeding Month

  1. Set Up a Bird Feeder: Choose a spot in your garden or balcony and set up a bird feeder. Fill it with seeds, nuts, and other bird-friendly treats.
  2. Birdwatching Session: Spend some quiet time observing the birds that visit your feeder. Note their colors, songs, and behaviors.
  3. Craft a DIY Birdhouse: Get creative and craft a whimsical birdhouse using recycled materials.
  4. Attend a Birdwatching Workshop: Many local nature centers offer workshops tailored for seniors. It’s a great way to learn and socialize.
  5. Share Your Stories: Share your birdwatching experiences with grandchildren or friends. It’s a wonderful way to bond and share knowledge.

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