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Spunky Old Broad’s Month: How Will You Celebrate?

Spunky old broad's month in February

When: February

Explore the delights of Spunky Old Broad’s Month! Designed for older adults and caregivers, our guide offers creative, enjoyable ways for seniors to engage with this unique holiday.

Whether you’re an elder or assisting one, this celebration promises smiles and warmth for everyone. Embrace this special time with fun and enthusiasm!

The month kicks off on February 1st with the irreverent Spunky Old Broads Day and we’ve got some celebration ideas for you. But first, a little background about this trademarked holiday:

Spunky Old Broad’s Month, celebrated every February, was created by of Dr. Gayle Carson, a renowned coach, international speaker, and advocate for senior women.

She was also a four-time cancer survivor. Dr. Carson came up with the day because she wanted to honor and celebrate the spirit, resilience, and contributions of older women.

In fact, this month encourages seniors to embrace their age with pride and a spunky attitude, breaking stereotypes about aging.

It’s a tribute to the vitality and zest that older women continue to bring to our communities.

Oh! Did I mention that Dr. Carson continued this work until she passed away at the age of 83 in 2021? Yep. Clearly, “spunky” was her middle name.

As a self-described “SOB”, Dr. Carson wanted to turn the negative connotations associated with this term into positive ones.

In fact, her book, How to Be an S. O. B.: A Spunky Old Broad Who Kicks Butt, explores this concept and lays out the “nine secrets to living a regret free life for women over 50.

For an example of spunky broads of the kind Dr. Carson means, think about The Golden Girls television show – they were all SOBs!

Each year, Dr. Carson picked a Spunky Old Broad to honor. Past recipients of the award include Robin Roberts (2019), Dolly Parton, Sharon Osbourne, and Katie Couric, among others.

The takeaway from a holiday like Spunky Old Broads Day/Month is that it celebrates the fact that mature women should continue to embrace a regret-free life – and live it with enthusiasm.

Don’t walk around saying, “I’m getting old” because, in my personal opinion, that’s what makes you an old woman.

Here’s a good example: my dad hated the fact that he lived his last three years of life in a senior independent community, because he was surrounded by people who could only talk about the things they had done in their youth.

They habitually recounted their aches and pains and bemoaned their old age.

He felt it made him old by association because it was so easy to fall into that “poor me” mentality (he was 97 at the time).

This exactly is the kind of thing that Dr. Carson wanted us to avoid.

She knew that positive thoughts and keeping positive will get you through a lot in life.

Really – even if you don’t get the outcome you desire in a particular situation, staying positive can reduce its impact on your life.

It certainly helped me to stay positive when I went through a breast cancer diagnosis, the accompanying four surgeries, and 20 weeks of chemo. I am thrilled to consider myself a tough SOB!

Importance Of Spunky Old Broad’s Month For Seniors

Spunky Old Broad’s Month plays a vital role in the lives of seniors. It’s more than just a celebration; it’s a powerful reminder that age is just a number.

This holiday emphasizes the importance of staying active, engaged, and connected, regardless of age.

It’s a time to recognize the value and wisdom seniors contribute, fostering a sense of appreciation and inclusivity in our society.

Celebrating this month can boost seniors’ morale and encourage them to lead a joyful, fulfilling life.

Tips On How Seniors Can Celebrate Spunky Old Broads Month

  1. Host Themed Gatherings: Invite friends over for a ‘Spunky Senior’ tea party or luncheon. Decorate with vibrant colors and have everyone share their most daring life experiences. It’s a great way to reminisce and make new memories.
  2. Engage in New Activities: Step out of your comfort zone and try something new. This could be anything from a local painting class, starting a small garden, or even attending a yoga session designed for seniors. It’s all about challenging yourself and enjoying new experiences.
  3. Share Stories and Wisdom: Organize a storytelling evening with family, friends, or at a local community center. Share tales from your youth, lessons learned, and wisdom gained. This fosters intergenerational connection and preserves valuable life stories.
  4. Community Involvement: Engage with your local community by volunteering. This could be at a library, a local shelter, or any place that could benefit from your experience and time. It’s a fulfilling way to give back and stay connected with the community.
  5. Self-Care Day: Dedicate a day to pampering yourself. This could involve a relaxing spa day at home, indulging in your favorite hobby, or simply enjoying a peaceful day with a good book. The key is to do what makes you happiest.
  6. Learn Something New: Enroll in a class or workshop that interests you. This could be a cooking class, a computer skills workshop, or a lecture series on a topic you’re curious about. Continuous learning keeps the mind sharp and spirited.
  7. Document Your Life: Start a journal or a blog to document your thoughts, experiences, and stories. This not only serves as a personal memoir but can also be a valuable legacy for your family and friends.
  8. Explore Technology: Embrace the digital age by learning to use new technologies. This can include learning how to video call with family, using social media to connect with friends, or exploring apps that cater to hobbies and interests.
  9. Physical Activity: Engage in light physical activities, such as walking in the park, gentle stretching exercises, or senior-friendly dance classes. Staying active is crucial for maintaining health and vitality.
  10. Socialize and Connect: Join clubs or groups that align with your interests. Whether it’s a book club, a gardening group, or a chess club, connecting with like-minded individuals can be both enriching and fun.

By embracing these activities, seniors can celebrate Spunky Old Broad’s Month in a way that is enriching, joyful, and meaningful, adding a touch of spunk to their everyday lives.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure it is something that will feed your soul.

Famous Spunky Old Broads Throughout History

When I think of ladies who are Spunky Old Broads, a few always come to mind:

Betty White – Who didn’t love this quintessential SOB? She even played an SOB on The Mary Tyler Moore Show (remember her Sue Ann Nivens character?). Betty, who just passed away, 3 weeks shy of her 100th birthday on January 17, was also known for her role as Rose Nylund on The Golden Girls and Elka Ostrovsky on Hot In Cleveland (as well as Sue Ann Nivens!). Off camera, she was an animal activist and author of several books.

Oprah Winfrey – Everyone knows Oprah! She’s a multi-talented woman who has seemingly done it all. She’s an actress, speaker, former talk show host, a television producer, and a philanthropist. It seems like everything she touches blossoms under her fingertips. In 1999, Life magazine named Oprah as the most influential woman and the most influential Black person of her generation.

Marie Curie – a scientist in the 1800s at a time when women were expected to stay home, raise babies, and keep out of a man’s way, Marie (along with her husband, Pierre) discovered the chemical elements polonium and radium.

This led to the development of radiotherapy, which we use today to cure illnesses, as well as the development of taking xrays to uncover hidden conditions in the body. Marie won two Nobel prizes and even developed a portable xray machine that was used on the battlefield during World War I.

Other spunky ladies throughout history include:

  • Mother Teresa
  • Rosa Parks
  • Josephine Baker
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • “Dr. Ruth” Westheimer
  • Maya Angelou
  • Winnie Mandela
  • Aung San Suu Kyi
  • and Jane Goodall.

As you ponder what to do in celebration of Spunky Old Broads Day and Month, I’ll leave you with this quote from another famous, Spunky Old Broad:

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. – Katharine Hepburn

Whatever you do to celebrate, I wish you a Happy Spunky Old Broad’s Day!

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