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100+ Holidays For Seniors – Unique And Traditional

In addition to birthdays and anniversaries, there are many other wonderful, unique holidays for seniors.

If you aren’t yet aware, there are many more “holidays” than just the traditional ones we know such as Christmas, New Year, Passover, St Patrick’s Day and more.

Who says that the traditional holiday season is the only “wonderful time of the year?” You can make most every day a special time of year!

So, I thought we should help seniors and their caregivers to have a little fun and celebrate some of these unique. What a great way to spend time with your senior loved one.

Think of it as creating a year long holiday season!

Any caregiver providing home care to a senior loved one can always use some fun activities to make the days just a bit special.

Ideas For Fun Activities For These Holidays

There are so many holiday ideas for fun things to do to celebrate these very unique holidays – here are just a few to get you inspired.

  • Check out some of your favorite holiday movies for the traditional holidays but for the unique ones, come up with your own movies to celebrate that day. Example: For “Thank A Mailman Day” on February 4th – make it a tradition to watch The Postman.
  • Break up social isolation (so common for seniors) by inviting others over to celebrate any of these holidays. It’s a great way to combat feelings of loneliness for the senior and the family caregiver. And you may just find that you can have a great time with others.
  • Involve the whole family in a Zoom meeting and make new memories by playing a board game with them, or maybe working on favorite recipes tailored to that special day.
  • Letter Writing Week is the perfect time to write to old friends and elderly family members that you haven’t seen in a while.
  • Create some of your own holiday traditions to involve your pets. This is perfect for Love Your Pet Day. No reason why your furry friend can’t get into the holiday spirit too!
  • A great arts and crafts project is to make your very own holiday cards for these unique holidays. You can even make some new beloved holiday decorations as well!
  • Celebrate National Selfie Day by send your selfies to loved ones. These small gifts can truly end up being valuable gifts for others.
  • Invite a favorite senior citizen for International Coffee Day to your own home. It’s an excellent way to spend some quality time with them.
  • If mobility issues or health conditions prevent you from getting out much, consider a video chat tailored to the unique holiday of the day. This also is true if you are social distancing.
  • Create your own traditional holiday meal on National Siblings Day. Celebrate with your family’s favorite recipes and add this day to your list of family holidays.
  • Cheer Up The Lonely Day is a perfect time to bake cookies and take them to someone who you know is living alone. This is a wonderful way for adult children to take some time to visit their senior loved ones.
  • Doing for others is always a great way to get out of your own head and situation so celebrate Be An Angel Day by volunteering or doing something for other elderly people, an entire family, etc.
  • Cuddle Up Day is a perfect time to just sit back and enjoy some of your favorite movies. You can even gather family, make some popcorn and make a wonderful day of it.
  • Set aside time on March 30th for Take A Walk In The Park Day. There might even be some local events that you can attend.

Here’s Our Complete List Of Fun Holidays For Seniors













We hope you enjoy these holidays with your elderly parents or loved ones. Every day can be a special day – all you have to do is to just be a little creative!

Happy Holidays!

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